Visibility Management

Visibility of your entire supply chain as your goods move around the world is vital in managing and optimising your business. 2CSL’s cutting-edge visibility and information management systems can help you.  

Faster implementation and full control during operations
All 2CSL solutions are supported by our full suite of information management systems. These systems effectively manage daily operations, automate processes and events, maximise visibility and distribution of information, and minimise errors and delays.

Our systems include:

  • Supply chain visibility
  • Advanced back-end systems
  • Vendor connectivity solutions
  • E-booking and documentation
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) and bar coding capabilities

Supply chain visibility 
Our own cutting-edge visibility solution is based on extensive market research, customer insights and logistics management experience. It is a single, web-based access point to end-to-end supply chain information and the modular format makes it easy to tailor to your specific requirements. This solution enables order management, inventory management, event management, reporting/business intelligence and integration of data from multiple partners in the supply chain.

Advanced back-end systems 
Our documentation system is the backbone of our operations. Our platform was first launched in 2008 and has been continuously developed and expanded ever since. It supports the entire end-to-end processes, exception management, purchase order upload and EDI, integrating with other back-end systems and supply chains for real-time visibility and strong process support.

Vendor connectivity solutions/e-booking and documentation 
Our web-based e-tool provides booking, documentation and tracking support for your vendors and allows them to make bookings online, enquire about details on bookings, view purchase orders, track the status of bookings and shipments, prepare draft HBL’s & FCRs (forwarder’s cargo receipt), submit container load results to 2CSL, and create commercial invoices and packing lists in customised formats. All of this improves the overall data quality and enhances the speed of the process for you and your vendors.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) and bar coding capabilities 
We support standard and customised EDI solutions to transfer information electronically at numerous points during the shipment process. We are able to support barcode scanning, printing and labelling.

For further information on 2CSL visibility and information management services, please contact your local office or fill in our enquiry form.