Online Bookings

As an integrated element of SOL, Shipper focuses on origin processes, helping you to oversee complex product flows through a single online platform. In close cooperation with our business partners, we have been able to develop the Shipper application in alignment with actual customer requirements, so that you are assured of an optimal user experience.

Shipper enables you to:

  • View all your Purchase Order (PO) information in one place
  • Select POs for booking
  • Place bookings online at any time
  • Generate standard documentation for each shipment (includes Container Load Result – CLR, Forwarder Cargo Receipt – FCR, Commercial Invoice – CI, Packing List – PL)
  • Generate container load plans

Shipper Benefits

Easy to navigate and use:

  • Dashboard overview of all major process milestones and overdue items
  • Customizable user configuration – you choose what you want to see
  • Multiple languages (English, Spanish, Chinese) for booking convenience
  • One centralized management site for origin processes
  • Local support in each country ensures fast and reliable support

Proactive PO management:

  • Dashboard set-up monitors your manufacturer’s booking and delivery performance
  • Clear overview of all your POs to ensure none are overlooked

Handling complexity:

  • Easier handling of complex triangle trade scenarios, with secure access for authorized vendors
  • Permits clear overview of PO ‘ownership’ and status
  • Import and export documents such as commercial invoice, packing list.

 Better information flow and quality assurance:

  • PO selection from PO upload avoids manual input, reduces duplicated work and data entry errors
  • Connectivity of processes and documents (PO, booking, CLR, FCR, PL, CI) eliminates error through manual input
  • Seemless data flow through all our applications using a single data warehouse backbone.
  • Address book maintains customer organization and relationship, enabling population of data and reduced manual input
  • Quality control through the Audit Log for the complete booking process history

Time saving for shipper:

  • Auto-population of information speeds up the booking process
  • Order received can be automatically validated against pre-set rules resulting in immediate confirmation to the manufacturer and faster exception identification