2CL Dynamic Flow Control

Turn your supply chain from static to dynamic, respond quickly to changes and reduce the need for manual intervention. Save on costs, lead times, and carbon emissions.

2CSL Dynamic Flow Control is a revolutionary supply chain management solution that provides you with the ability to quickly adapt to changes in supply and demand, even if they happen at the last minute. The solution automatically adjusts to changing circumstances while ensuring true end-to-end optimization of supply chain performance.

Constantly re-plan to meet your changing needs

Companies operating in today’s global supply chain environments are frequently confronted with volatile demand and supply of products, whilst their shipments follow a static pre-planned sequence of events once departed, and the decisions what and how to ship often are critical and complex.

2CSL Dynamic Flow Control facilitates such situations by:

  • Enabling automated order and shipment planning & optimization at origin;
  • Facilitating efficient and effective decision making in complex, volatile environments;
  • Reducing the time required for planning and optimizing;
  • Ensuring adherence to your business rules;
  • Optimizing cost and delivery performance, whilst providing insight in the carbon effects of decisions.

2CSL Dynamic Flow Control provides optimal answers to questions such as:

  • Call off from vendor or not?
  • Hold or ship?
  • Consolidate or not?
  • Which mode, carrier, departure date, routing, and transit time to select?
  • How to apply carrier contracts and allocations?
  • Which equipment to use?
  • How to optimize container fill rates?

Improve performance while saving time and money

With 2CSL Dynamic Flow Control, you have one interface, one contact, and one bill regardless of the complexity of your supply chain. You will benefit from:

  • Better delivery performance, reduced manual intervention and decreased lead times;
  • Better container utilization and mix, optimized air to ocean ratio and reduced costs;
  • Lower inventories, higher customer service and timely response to market trends.