Track Your Cargo

The integration of SOL Track & Trace component to the standard SOL dashboard adds powerful functionality to your supply chain management toolbox. Far more than a fast way to identify shipment milestones, this tool gives you incomparable, in-depth visibility. Not only can you see exactly where your shipments are at any given moment, you can use it to plan and manage your operations with ultimate precision.

Real-time insight

Track & Trace integrates information from different stages of the shipping trajectory. You can search and view details of shipping documents, containers and cargo in transit, with real-time insight into your orders, bookings, and container loads. It’s easy to navigate, because of the seamless integration with Shipper, Document Management, Reporting – and if you wish, the Communication & Exceptions  tool offered by 2CSL. All linked and accessible through the 2CSL dashboard.

Visible benefits

With Track & Trace, you can search for products using references such as shipping documents, container numbers, and cargo descriptions. You can also view and print details of documents and the content of containers, right down to SKU level. The Track & Trace tool also links to scanned shipping documents, providing you with details of the various vendors and business partners involved in the supply chain.

Much more than the standard Spot Search function available to all 2CSL customers, our Track & Trace tool gives you:

  • Visibility of daily operations and historical data
  • Customizable visibility of supply chain performance 
  • Proactive issue identification in your supply chain, based on your own set criteria

In sum, Track & Trace enables you to make the right supply chain decisions, right on the spot.