Document Management

Within 2CSL’s, Document Management provides you with an efficient application for the electronic distribution of shipping documents – saving time, money, and paper! Especially when managing global sourcing in multiple countries, and engaging with counterparts throughout the globe, we know how complex document management can become. With the 2CSL electronic documentation management tool, it’s all so much more flexible. You can share packing lists, commercial invoices and bills of lading with colleagues, suppliers, carriers, and brokers around the world. All your shipping documents are easy to upload and access through a single interface.

Documented accuracy

2CSL’s Document Management system offers you a complete overview of your supply chain activities through:

  • Improved visibility and better control of your daily document management process 
  • Faster and more accurate document process checking, validation, and pouching 
  • ‘Greener’ document management processes and reduced document courier costs